Saturday, December 27, 2014


Putrajaya, the new administration center for Malaysian government that was built about 20 years ago. It is a totally redesigned city that meant to operate as the capital of the country. From KL to Putrajaya, it is approx. 25km away. The infrastructure upgrade has been going on from time to time since 1990s. Quite a number of highways, railways, facilities projects, etc have been completed and there are more new one on the way. Even though today the capital city of Malaysia remains Kuala Lumpur City, but the development is slowly expanding to the southern part of KL and connecting to Putrajaya. Since the infrastructure is more advance here, cause head office of government ministries mostly built into a single place, that is within the small little island at the middle of Putrajaya, and the Prime Minister's Office is located at the Northern part.

There are a few bridges connecting to the small little island, this is the bridge at the southern part of the island. The design is unique. Most of the materials are sourced locally, very little construction materials were imported. The idea is to make the new city a real locally made. 

Convention centers seems to be a must have ppoint-of-interest for a world class city. This is the grand Putrajaya Convention Center, which is located at the southern part of Putrajaya, it is located after the bridge if you come from the island. On the left, there is a rest and relax area. In the evening, you can leave your car by the road side, and a jog in the park. There is a small hawker center in the park in which you may also then enjoy your dinner.  

This is the view of the city from the park, during the raining season, it is cold and windy in the evening. even though this looked like a lake that is surrround the island, but it is actually part of a river (if not wrong, it is part of Langat river) and the water is flowing from the left to the right side.

There are many high rise bulidings built into the small little island and most of them are government departments. 

The water in the lake will flow into a few large holes under the bridge. The design is quite unique, and I guess it will finally flows into Langat river.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Raining Morning

Raining morning. Cold and chill. It is an off day, not going to work. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Celebrating Christmas, not in the typical way, but with a cup of Chinese tea.